As a charity inspired by Buddhist values, we place great importance on showing our true fundraising costs and exactly how precious funds are used.

In this section we have the accounts summaries for the past few years so that you can see where your money goes.

Karuna Annual Review 2019-20

Our Impact in the field 2018-19

We have had a very effective year since we reported to you last, thanks to your support.

Over the last few years we have been supporting the growth of our sister Trust, Karuna Germany. This collaboration has led to the development of a number of successful new projects such as the Maitri Women's network, Strong Girls Nepal, Safe Delivery Nepal, and the Voice of Women project; these projects have benefitted thousands of people from Dalit and other marginalised communities.

This year the combined income of Karuna UK and Germany was £2,063,353 enabling us to commit expenditure of £1,295,604 on charitable projects - a tremendous result. 

Our total UK income in 2018-19 was £1,821,665 an increase of £30,889. Of these funds £1,485,422 came from regular giving. This represented an increase year-on-year of £54,171. 

UK income from Grant-Giving Trusts was £248,513. We are deeply grateful to our Trust partners, with whom we work closely, for their ongoing support of our work in India and Nepal.

Other donations from UK individuals totalled £75,266. These figures include £20,376 raised as income-in-advance in December 2017 as restricted income for a project in Nepal.

During the year, Karuna as a whole committed £1,295,604 to programme delivery in India and Nepal. This expenditure enabled us to support 35 partner organisations, funding a total of 67 projects, benefiting a total of 99,000 people directly, and a further 535,000 indirect beneficiaries. 

Overall, we worked directly with 9,500 boys, 12,500 girls, 60,000 women and 17,000 men from the most marginalised Dalit and Tribal communities in India and Nepal, offering them opportunities for education, livelihood development and access to justice and welfare services.

We are excited to report during 2018/19 Karuna Germany secured substantial Institutional grants including from BMZ the German Department for Institutional Development.  As a result of these successes we are able to access additional income of £201,453 enabling us to reach and to help highly disadvantaged people living in remote parts of Nepal.

These figures are extracted from the Karuna statutory accounts.

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