As a charity inspired by Buddhist values, we place great importance on showing our true fundraising costs and exactly how precious funds are used.

In this section we have the account summaries for the past few years so that you can see where your money goes.

Karuna Annual Review 2019-20

Our Impact in the field 2019-20

We are incredibly grateful to individual supporters, trusts and institutions both in the UK and Germany who have generously donated during the year. 

Our total income for 2019–20 was £2,240,742. This was an increase of £177,389 on the previous year, and significantly, on our 40th anniversary, marks the highest annual income that Karuna has recorded. 

Individual supporters contributed £1,612,729 from the UK and £32,336 from Germany. Representing 73.4% of total income, donations from individual supporters remains Karuna’s largest source of income. Over the past year we have been humbled by the generosity of individuals as well as their ingenuity, enthusiasm and perseverance in generating donations through fundraiser events and challenges. 

Funding partnerships with trusts and institutions allows us to inject investment into specific community projects or to expand projects to larger geographical areas. These partnerships are often innovative and challenging, encouraging learning and focusing on impact. We are very grateful for the time, energy and funding that these vital partners contribute. Income from grant-giving trusts and institutions totalled £571,163 (UK: £257,946, Germany: £313,217). 

We invested £446,896 in generating income through fundraising. This represents 19.9% of total income.

During the year we were able to commit £1,424,148 to project delivery, enabling us to support 38 partner organisations to deliver 48 projects, directly benefiting 59,330 people.

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