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Help us raise £10,000 to help 500 more children like Arti

We want to give 500 more Dalit children the support they need to do well at school - but we need your help to raise the £10,000 it will take to do this. Please would you consider giving £10, or what you can, to this appeal?

For millions of Dalit and Tribal children in India and Nepal, education represents the key to to escape the cycle of poverty, discrimination and social exclusion.

Traditionally viewed as “untouchables” and excluded from education, Dalit children still face massive barriers to their education at every level.

In the classroom, they are often forced by teachers to sit and eat separately from the other children. In Dalit areas, the Government schools are frequently lacking facilities with high rates of teacher absenteeism. Children, especially girls, are regularly forced out of school early to get married, earn extra income or look after their siblings.

According to a Human Rights Watch Report 2014, 51% of Dalit children drop, or are forced, out of school before the age 14, compared to the national average of 37%.

Thanks to our supporters generosity, children like Arti (pictured above) and her friends have textbooks, uniforms and colourfully painted classrooms. We want to give 500 more children the same provisions - will you help us to raise the £10,000 it will take to do this?

Your £10 will provide educational materials, textbooks and a school uniform for a child like Arti.

This will give Dalit children the opportunity their parents didn’t get - the chance to break free from caste-based labour through education.

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