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From Isolation to Inclusion

This Christmas, support children with disabilities in India to be included in their communities

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Children with disabilities in India are more likely to be in poverty, less likely to be in education and less likely to receive specialist care.

“How does living with disability affect children and parents?” 

  • In India, widespread social stigma makes the 80 million people with disability one of the most excluded. Among those already in poverty, disabilities can amplify the deprivation of rights, opportunities and resources. Children born with a disability are even more likely to face extreme social stigma and discrimination. 
  • In the home, children born with additional needs are often shunned and hidden away due to social stigma, deprived of social contact and stimulation. Cases of malnourishment and illnesses are high, as is the risk of physical and sexual abuse. Parents often struggle to find meaningful support, treatment or information on how to provide for a child with disability.   
  • In education, children with disabilities are 5 times more likely to be taken out of school, with most never graduating the primary level. For the few in education, physical distance from schools, segregation in the classroom, and a lack of specialist knowledge among teachers create barriers that many families struggle to overcome without support. 

Watch this video to see how these projects have changed Ornab and his family's life:

These children should have the opportunity to go to school like everyone else ... so that they can become independent and have happy lives.

- Project Co-ordinator, Bhalobasha Disability Project

“How will my donation support children with disabilities?” 

Karuna’s disability project in West Bengal is called Bhalobasha (“loving home”). Children are given a space to learn, play and receive life-changing, holistic treatment from specialists - often for the first time - while parents can form connections with one another, too. 

As well as the treatment from specialists and teachers, families also get an opportunity to be informed about their rights and government benefits available to them and their children.   

Due to the success of this project, we have also begun a brand new project working directly with local schools, teachers and students. We provide support, training and activities focused on ensuring that children with disabilities can remain in formal education and lead positive, happy lives, included in society. 

Your donation will support these projects and projects like it, supporting marginalised communities across South Asia.

To support this appeal, our Karuna champions have agreed to match any donations we raise - which means that your donation will be effectively doubled, up to our goal of £100,000. Please give today to see your donation doubled and support children with disabilities this Christmas.