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In Nepal, like India, Dalits and especially Dalit women are all-too-often denied access to higher education. The discrimination in education often begins at an early age, with many marginalised families failing to give priority to the education of girls even at primary level. And this lack of access to education carries on into adult life where women from these backgrounds often lack the confidence and skills to earn enough money to lift their families out of poverty or to stand up for their basic civil rights.  

 To help break this vicious cycle of poverty and lack of education, Karuna has recently started funding a new project through a local partner called FEDO

 The project aims to increase the enrolment of marginalised girl children in 3 districts of Terai in South Nepal. It also trains Dalit women to become community leaders so that they can carry out ongoing school enrolment and retention campaigns. They learn how to address their issues with the community and government stakeholders and thus to claim their rights to equal opportunity.

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