In Nepal, Dalits and especially Dalit women routinely denied access to higher education. The discrimination in education often begins at an early age, with many marginalised families failing to give priority to the education of girls.

Terai, Nepal





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This lack of access to education carries on into adult life where women from these backgrounds often lack the confidence and skills to earn enough money to lift their families out of poverty or to stand up for their basic rights.  

 Through the project girls (and boys) from Dalit and marginalized communities have equal access to inclusive quality education enabling them to complete primary and secondary education in 15 schools in 3 districts. Educational standards are improved by in depth teachers’ training. Dalit girls are supported to become confident and competent, enabling them to participate fully in school life. Dalit women/families are empowered and support their daughters’ education through income generating activities. Local stakeholders are sensitized and committed to improving access to quality education for Dalit children.





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