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Her Education is Life-saving

Protect girls from child marriage and exploitation beyond COVID-19





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A donation of £94 could provide 2 girls' peer-learning and mentoring clubs.

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We need your support this Christmas to make sure that thousands of young women will continue to get an education.

To help us get there, Karuna philanthropists have pledged an early Christmas present: they will match any donation you make.

This not only means your donation will be doubled - but so will the benefit that it will bring to struggling young women in some of the poorest parts of India.

Keeping Girls in Education

Keeping Girls in Education is Life-saving

Karuna partners have many years of experience providing support to children from the poorest backgrounds, enabling them to stay in school and complete their education. We place special emphasis on girls because they are most at risk of dropping out.

Schools are a critical protection against violence, trafficking and early marriage - all of which have increased during the pandemic. But, because of the coronavirus, they have been closed since March.

Girls pulled out of school early to become child brides or child and household labourers are among the most at risk group for abuse and exploitation. Hard-won access to education could be lost in this generation. Action needs to be taken so that this doesn’t happen.

I am missing my school, friends and teachers so much. My father is saying we need to work harder now because we lost whatever we had. I was very worried about how I can help my family to come out of this situation. We don’t fear the virus but we do fear going hungry. How can we survive without money?

Rebuilding Stronger

Rebuilding Stronger

During lockdown and school closures, we have focused on supporting children to access online learning, and giving them extra coaching to prevent them falling behind. Thousands of girls, who would otherwise be left behind, have received support to remain in education through online courses, girl’s groups and educational materials.

However, we know that the true fallout of this pandemic is yet to come. Rising economic pressures and widespread food and job shortages mean that it will be harder than ever before to ensure that girls stay in school.

That’s why, when schools do reopen, we need to be ready - and we need your support to make sure no girl is left behind.

“How will my donation help these girls?”

Your donation will help fund vital work such as:

  • Girls’ learning clubs where students can support and encourage each other in their studies and intervene in cases where a girl is at risk of abuse or of dropping out
  • Local education committees to make sure schools have proper water and sanitation facilities so that girls can continue in school during their periods
  • Parents’ meetings to challenge patriarchal attitudes and encourage parents to support their daughters’ education
  • Local livelihoods schemes that can help families earn extra income decreasing the economic pressure on parents to take their daughters out of school
  • Local facilitators who provide coaching, mentoring and supervision to support girls to study outside school

Support to make sure no girl is left behind.