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Bordorhan retreat

Two projects in Bhaja and Bordharan aim to give Dalit and tribal people the social and emotional skills to cope with the hardships they face. The ethos of the project is to promote a dignified and fulfilling life, based on buddhist principles, away from their day to day poverty. The project aims to promote strong communities which empowers women and in which people can develop self-esteem.

One person’s story illustrates the value of the project. Anand was born and brought up in a slum of Nagpur. His father had enough income to raise his two children. When Anand was 25 his father became paralysed and permanently bedridden which meant Anand became the family breadwinner. However Anand entered a downward spiral and began drinking heavily. When he took part in a retreat at Bordharan he was at first full of fear. Afterwards completing the retreat he said "The sensitivity and friendship amongst people I found refreshing. I realised I can get myself free from the entire burden I am carrying that is breaking me. It will give me a chance to change my life".


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