In 50 villages in three districts of Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu, women and girls are beginning to exercise their rights and build better lives.






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For women in these areas poverty is compounded by gender and caste-based discrimination and violence. Many drop out of school and marry young. Few register their marriages, which means they have no financial and property rights.

Women who own no land earn as little as 50 pence a day doing intermittent agricultural work. Adecom supports women to unite in order to claim their employment rights, including regular work and fair pay.

Adecom facilitates awareness raising in rural areas among women themselves, and also boys and men. The project works with women suffering from domestic violence and abuse, providing legal support.

Adecom also provides vocational training skills so that women build their confidence and increase their life options. More than 300 women have had legal training, and judges, magistrates, lawyers and the police are now better equipped to protect rural women from domestic violence.

Emerging leaders are given extra training so that they in turn can mentor and support other women to gain control of their lives.


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