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This project works in 20 locations throughout Dewas and Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. It campaigns to end the practice of child bonded labour and the social discrimination, exclusion and suffering caused by this practice. It also helps ex-child labourers to gain an education. In this area, 416 children – in bonded labour or caste-based slavery – are now receiving an education. Karuna is also funding Jan Sahas to provide livelihoods training to 2,000 women from manual scavenger backgrounds through the formation of a Social Enterprise known as Dignity and Design.

Project staff carry out surveys to determine both the needs of child labourers and the issues that affect their wellbeing. They hold meetings with affected communities and support the formation of community-based organisations including children’s councils.

The project has overseen the development of 14 community centres which foster leadership development. In the last year alone (2013-14), due to effective work of this project, 122 children were freed from bonded labour and 244 were enrolled into schools. While 400 women from ex-manual scavenger communities were given the opportunity to develop skills for decent non-caste- based livelihoods.


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