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Hostel boys at school

Dapoli Hostel provides care, accommodation and educational support for young people from disadvantaged and impoverished village communities. In this area most of the work is casual agricultural labour, wood cutting or looking after animals. Many of the students come from remote rural communities in the Ghat mountain range where access to education, particularly secondary schools, is extremely limited. Trapped in a cycle of poverty, young people are at risk of not attending school or of dropping out early.

Because the parents have had very little education themselves, sending the children to school is not a priority and most of the children end up working with their parents to boost the family income. The Dapoli hostel wardens give the children study support and tuition and they run workshops to raise the parents’ awareness of the importance of education and public health.In this way, the children can escape from grinding poverty and build a better life for themselves.The majority of students stay with the hostel for 5 years to complete their secondary education. Many of the ex-students have gone on to achieve professional careers in government, banking, the police and the army, lifting themselves and their wider family out of poverty. These former students are keen to give back to the hostel and visit to provide inspiration to current students as well as supporting the governance of the hostel.


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