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Aurangabad Hostel provides care, accommodation and educational support for young people from disadvantaged and impoverished families from poor villages and urban slums.In Maharashtra 27% of secondary students leave school before the age of 14. Most parents have very little education themselves and so sending their children to school is not a priority.

The main occupation for their parents is growing the local cash crop, sugar cane.In such areas young people are at risk of not attending school or of dropping out early, as the family are reliant on seasonal informal agricultural work. Children are often required to work alongside their parents to supplement the family income. One third of the students come from tribal communities who are very marginalised in Indian society. Children from these communities really struggle to access education due to the itinerant nature of their parents work. They are often malnourished due to the low incomes of their family. 

Aurangabad hostel wardens work with local schools to provide study support and tuition so that students can achieve their educational potential. The majority of students stay with the hostel for 5 years to complete their secondary education.The hostel provides a stable base for these children to flourish academically. The children receive three full meals a day and have their medical needs taken care of. As part of the project, parents attend workshops to raise their awareness of the importance of education and the damaging effects of addiction and domestic violence. The aim is to encourage parents to help their children create a better life than they were able to have.

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