Situated on the outskirts of Pune, this hostel for Dalit boys has been funded by Karuna since 1984. Students come to the hostel from rural communities outside Pune where there is no access to good quality secondary education.  






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Lahagon Hostel

Their parents are working as landless labourers and illiterate, unable to support their children in their learning.

Lahogaon hostel provides a safe place for boys to study, nutritious food and the opportunity to develop personally so that they can have a degree of agency over their lives and become successful citizens.The majority of students stay with the hostel for 5 years to complete their secondary education.

Last year, the 25 residential students in Standard 10 passed the School Completion Certificate (the equivalent of GCSEs) with 80% gaining the highest grades. Passing the SCC enables the boys to continue with higher level study and access semi-skilled or skilled jobs that were not available to their parents, lifting them and their family out of poverty.  

Project Location

Lahogan, Pune

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