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Latur Girls’ hostel in Maharashtra was built in 1993 after an earthquake destroyed surrounding villages and left many people destitute. The project offers girls an opportunity to live in a caring, supportive environment where they can study consistently and succeed in school.The majority of students stay with the hostel for 5 years to complete their secondary education.

Families in the rural areas around Latur are often reluctant to send girls older than 10 to school due to the long distances involved. They fear for the safety of their children but they don’t have the time to supervise them on their journey to and from school.

In addition to supporting the girls’ formal education, hostels nurture the girls’ personal development and raise their self-esteem and sense of independence which helps them to resist social pressure for early marriage. The hostel wardens love to use creative techniques to engage and inspire the girls.  As a result, the girls are lively and inquisitive.  They really enjoy conducting science experiments using everyday objects. The hostel team also runs awareness-raising programmes for parents about childrens’ rights and adolescent development, which help parents to understand and value their daughters’ education.


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