Cantonments are areas associated with military bases. The people who eke out a living by providing basic services in these areas are mostly Dalit, and live as a ‘forgotten’ population. 






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Caught between the Ministry of Defence and the state government, neither of which take responsibility for their welfare, cantonment residents are excluded from mainstream services and entitlements. The project enables the civilian population of 3 cantonments in Maharashtra to improve the quality of their life by empowering them to mobilise effectively and to access their rights. The project also works with Community Based Organisations to run state welfare schemes and provide proper education and health facilities as well as water and sanitation for the residents.

 Sadhana also works for the economic empowerment of women and runs livelihood development trainings. Women from marginalised backgrounds are organised in cooperatives and self help groups and set up their own small businesses. The team also supports women victims of violence in their counselling centre.


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