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‘Nomadic’ and ‘denotified tribes’ (labeled by the British colonial authorities as ‘criminal’) are now some of the most marginalised and vulnerable communities in India. Their lack of legal protection and the stigmatisation they face means that they encounter violence and degradation throughout their lives.

As many members of these communities do not have basic documents such as ration cards or caste certificates, they cannot claim their basic civil rights and access government schemes. They often lack decent housing and have limited access to education and health services. The plight of these communities is poorly documented and largely ignored.

This project aims to inform and empower them by providing them with information and by building a state-level network of De-notified and Notified Tribe (DNT/NT) organizations to promote leadership development. The project trains women and young people in advocacy and campaigns for their right to citizenship and legal documents so that they can access government welfare schemes.


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