The project has been set up to work with 1698 Girls from primary and secondary schools from 20 rural villages in the state of Maharashtra. It aims to enable girls to transition into and complete their secondary education and ensure they are supported by their parents and the wider community to do so.  






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Because many girls tend to drop out at the end of primary school , the project bringstogether secondary and primary school girls, so the older girls act as role models for theyounger ones. The project also provides bicycles as well as subsidized group transportationto girls who walk long distances to school and delivers gender awareness training to male drivers and secondary school boys to sensitize them to the girls needs and to stop teasing and sexual harassment; one of the reasons many girls drop out of secondary education because they feel unsafe and a potential target as they walk long distances to school. The provision of sanitary towels and separate toilet facilities for girls as well as training on menstruation and reproductive health aim to create a welcoming environment for adolescent girls who often miss school or drop out altogether because of menstruation.


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