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Young people from a ‘low caste’ backgrounds rarely become leaders in society, have limited opportunity to influence change and often feel disempowered and marginalized. This perpetuates a cycle where the status quo does not change, because young Dalits and Tribal people do not participate in the process of their own uplift.

The National Network of Buddhist Youth is a project which organizes training for young Dalit and tribal men and women. The project offers free and subsidised places on their retreats and courses which boost the confidence, self esteem, communication skills and leadership qualities of those who take part.

The purpose is to develop leadership skills for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The project imparts learning and leadership resources as well as raising awareness about opportunities for young people. By initiating and implementing innovative projects, NNBY enables young people to become a positive force for change in their communities.

Project Location

Maharashtra, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

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