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Wardha boys

Wardha Hostel provides care, accommodation and educational support for 70 boys from disadvantaged and impoverished families who live in small villages in Vidarbha. Here most people are labourers on farms producing cotton or lentils. Trapped in poverty, young people in these areas are at risk of not attending school or of dropping out early. Because their parents work long hours, the children are often unsupervised or they have to work alongside the adults to supplement the family income.

Levels of child labour are high in this area. Wardha hostel wardens work closely with local schools to offer study support and tuition so that students achieve their educational potential. The hostel also provides the opportunity for boys to take part in extra-curricular activities. Sports are very popular, especially cricket.  As part of the project, parents attend workshops to raise their awareness of the importance of educating their sons. They also take part in workshops about the effects of addiction and domestic violence, so that they can help their children to move toward a better life and end the cycle of poverty. The hostel is also working with members of the local community to provide access to materials and study support to increase their chances of moving into skilled and regular employment.

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