Satish has been attending the Open School in Amravati for a year, and is learning to improve his Marathi and English language skills. He also enjoys having time to play. He had previously dropped out of mainstream school because he was being bullied.

When he’s not at the school Satish works as a garbage picker, collecting plastic, metal and glass. The money this brings supports his family, including his two sisters and brother. Satish’s parents are both illiterate and had no education. His father is an alcoholic, and provides no income.

Sometimes Satish gets cut by glass, or feels scared when he finds a dead animal in the rubbish. When the police catch him garbage picking they frequently beat him, simply because he is a Dalit and lives in the slums.

With your help, Karuna is supporting 12,500 impoverished people, like Satish, in the district of Amravati with an annual grant of £42,000. Bahujan Hitay Amravati provides education, training and guidance to children and young people as well as women from four slums and poor rural areas. This includes ‘Open Schools’ for children like Satish who have dropped out of mainstream school because of difficulties at home or with learning.

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