• Double your donations this Christmas
  • A World Better for Girls is a World Better For All

Christmas 2018

Have Your Donation Doubled this Christmas and Help Thousands of Girls Stay in School

We need your help this Christmas to give 3,500 girls the support they need to stay in school.

To help us get there, Karuna philanthropists have pledged an early Christmas present: they will match any donation you make of £100.00 or more!

This not only means your donation of £100 or more will be doubled - but most importantly, so will the benefit that it will bring to struggling young women in some of the poorest parts of India.

India’s Forgotten Daughters

In the poorest parts of India, adolescent Dalit girls face the double barriers of caste and gender discrimination. Many are socially destined to become teenage wives, effectively property of the husband’s family, spending their lives as household labourers where systematic physical and sexual abuse is common. Financially struggling parents often feel obligated to prioritise the education of their sons - meaning their daughters too often get left behind.

Schools themselves are routinely unable to cater for girls. Many rural schools lack toilets, which creates more than just health risks. In addition to the humiliation of relieving oneself in the open, there is also a very real risk of harassment or attack while doing so. With parents commonly working in agriculture or construction labour, girls need to travel alone long distances and are at further risk of attack.

A World Better for Girls is a World Better For All

At Karuna, we don’t think that quality education, nor the basic safety needed to receive it, should be a choice or a privilege - but a fundamental right. That’s why we work with partners across India to keep young girls out of arranged marriages and safely in school.

Better educated women tend to be healthier, have fewer children and get married later. They are able to participate more in the job market, earn higher incomes and in turn provide better education and care for their children.

These factors combined mean that bringing education and equality to girls doesn’t just benefit them - it raises up the entire community.

“How will my donation help these girls?”

With your help, Karuna can provide textbooks, schoolbags and other educational materials to young women to make sure that their parents don’t have to decide between education and food or other basic expenses.

We will also be able to continue supporting schools by providing what they need to create a healthy environment; installing gardens, classroom materials and installing toilets and washroom facilities.

Providing quality education, tutoring and a safe environment to live and study, our hostels will make use of your donation to give young women from extremely poor backgrounds the tools they will need to build an independent future for themselves. A high standard of teachers ensures that the girls receive the time and investment they rarely get elsewhere, both as students and as people.

Girls seeking an education face many barriers; sometimes they are even at risk of attack simply going to and from school. You will be helping Karuna to continue working directly with schools to create girls’ groups so that they can travel together safely and learn about other topics like women’s health, which can be difficult to access in rural India.

We help create groups for the parents too; raising awareness about the value of girls’ education, the importance of independence and the risks and difficulties posed by arranged marriage as well as the importance of community support.

“How much do we need to raise?”

We want to raise £25,000. This amount will be match funded, giving us the required £50,000 to support 3,500 girls get the education they need to create a new and positive future for themselves and future generations. 

This is only possible thanks to some generous pledges from philanthropists who have promised to match each donation of £100 or more. 

“How do I get involved?” 

We really need your help to give these girls the future they deserve. 

If you can help this Christmas, please use the donation options below and donate £100. Your contribution will make equality of education a reality for thousands of young women. Thank you. 

Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas! 

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